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My broth­er, my sis­ter, these mat­ters I lay be­fore you are dif­fi­cult for me to write about. When I be­gan to write, I did not ex­pect to find my­self at the foun­da­tions of the world. Were I a bet­ter writer, I might more eas­i­ly lay be­fore you the foun­da­tion of the world so that you might eas­i­ly see why all her ed­i­fices are van­i­ty, al­ready lost in the wind. So if you find my words and ideas dif­fi­cult, do not be dis­cour­aged. Go and read the Bible and be­lieve God. At best, and I have not reached it, all I can do is ex­pound on His Word. There­fore, the pre­vi­ous ar­ti­cle laid be­fore you two foun­da­tions. One Is The Cor­ner­stone Laid by God, Mar­velous in our eyesPsalms 118:22-23 and The Song of all the an­gels Job 38:4-7. The oth­er is the il­lu­sion cre­at­ed by re­bel­lious man. One Is Je­sus Christ Who Is The Fa­ther’s Good­ness and the oth­er is man’s an­tichrist, the emp­ty ex­pres­sion of our evil al­ready con­demned. But we get ahead of our­selves. Let us first talk about the ori­gin of all evil.

As we have seen in pre­vi­ous ar­ti­cles, false ide­olo­gies are com­posed of moral­i­ties. Each ide­ol­o­gy makes promis­es and gives in­struc­tion based on its knowl­edge of good and evil. Fem­i­nism says, “It is evil that men and women are not equal.” Chau­vin­ism says, “Men bet­ter, greater and more im­por­tant than women.” Racism says, “Black peo­ple are in­fe­ri­or to white peo­ple. Yoru­ba peo­ple are in­fe­ri­or to Ibo peo­ple.” Most both­er­some to me is this present ex­tolling of Judeo-Chris­t­ian val­ues with­out prais­ing God Who Gave Them. As be­liev­ers, we can­not op­pose these evil ide­olo­gies un­less we know that good and evil are ex­pres­sions of God’s Re­la­tion­ship with us. Now you may say, “These thoughts are too high” and then claim that be­liev­ing God is enough. To which I say, “God Com­mands you to love Him with all your mind.” This lack of lov­ing God with our minds that make us prey to false prophets in­ces­sant­ly pro­claim­ing that God Wants us to be pros­per­ous while of­fer­ing to can­cel “gen­er­a­tional” curs­es. Con­ve­nient­ly they for­get to pro­claim ho­li­ness and god­li­ness. And we who be­lieve fall and in­jure our­selves be­cause we don’t know where good and evil come from.

The Ori­gin of Evil

Je­sus calls the dev­il the fa­ther of lies John 8:44. he is the fa­ther of liars be­cause men and women lie in im­i­ta­tion of him. But where did the dev­il come from? Well, the Bible re­veals that the dev­il was an an­gel cre­at­ed by GodGen­e­sis 1:1, Rev­e­la­tions 12:9. He be­came the dev­il by re­fus­ing to be God’s crea­tureIsa­iah 14:13-14, Ezekiel 28:17. The dev­il lies by de­clar­ing that he has no be­gin­ning and no end. he lies by say­ing of him­self, “i am”. Now re­mem­ber how we said in the pre­vi­ous ar­ti­cle that God Calls all His cre­ation good and that His cre­ation is good through Him.Ezekiel 28:15 What hap­pens then to the crea­ture that re­fus­es to be God’s crea­ture? Well, that crea­ture also re­fus­es God’s good­ness. By re­fus­ing to be God’s crea­ture, the dev­il also re­fus­es the good­ness that flows through an obe­di­ent re­la­tion­ship with God.

How­ev­er, and this can­not be stressed enough, the dev­il did not be­come evil through this choice. It can­not be stressed enough be­cause the pri­ma­ry sin of man is the be­lief that his choic­es mat­ter as much His Cre­ator’s. A fish in the wa­ter may de­sire all it wants to not be wet but it re­mains wet be­cause it is the will of the ocean to make all things wet. My lit­tle girl, who squirms and kicks while be­ing bathed, clear­ly doesn’t want to be wet or clean. But her choice doesn’t mat­ter in com­par­i­son to the choice of her mom to clean her. In­fi­nite­ly more than the fish or the baby, re­gard­less of his choic­es or self de­cep­tion, the dev­il has no pow­er to stop be­ing good or stop be­ing God’s crea­ture. In­stead, God, In His Holy and Just Love, Pours upon the dev­il All His Holy Wrath and Cuts the dev­il off from His good­ness. There­fore, the dev­il is not the source of evil or of any­thing. The dev­il’s evil is the ex­pres­sion of God’s Lov­ing Judg­ment on his sin. Evil is God’s Judg­ment upon the dev­il, upon every crea­ture, that re­fus­es to be who God Made him or her. The dis­obe­di­ent crea­ture, look­ing away from God and pro­claim­ing, “i am”, is evil only be­cause God Lov­ing­ly With­draws His good­ness.Ezekiel 28:18

In Rev­e­la­tions 12:4 we see that the dev­il was not alone in be­com­ing evil. The dev­il is a liar be­cause he says he is his own fa­ther. he is the fa­ther of lies be­cause he tempts an­gels and hu­man be­ings to do the same. 1/3 of the an­gels in heav­en im­me­di­ate­ly be­came evil demons when God Judged them for im­i­tat­ing the dev­il. The dev­il also came into Eden and, through the ser­pent, en­ticed Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of the knowl­edge of good and evil. Es­sen­tial­ly, he tempts Adam and Eve to make them­selves good and for­sake good­ness that only comes from God through obe­di­ence to God. He tempts them to be­come their own mak­ers, to “cre­ate” them­selves and refuse to be crea­tures of God. By eat­ing from the tree, Adam and Eve join the ca­coph­o­ny of demons; chil­dren of the dev­il im­i­tat­ing the dev­il by pro­claim­ing, “i am”.

The Mer­cy of God

Yet, God Does Not Im­me­di­ate­ly do with Adam as He Did With the dev­il. In­stead of Im­me­di­ate­ly Cast­ing Adam and Eve from His Pres­ence, God Goes to Eden and Calls out in sweet words of amaz­ing grace, “Adam, where are you?“Gen­e­sis 3:9 God Draws Near to Adam and Eve and With­draws His good­ness by curs­ing Adam, the woman and the earth. There­fore, we are as­sailed by evil on every side. Hur­ri­canes, earth­quakes and famines roam the earth killing many and keep­ing many in ab­ject pover­ty. In pain we bear chil­dren and in even worse pain, we are un­able to have chil­dren and worst of all our chil­dren die be­fore our eyes. Our bod­ies are at­tacked by dis­ease, rebel through can­cer and are de­stroyed in time. Our na­ture, our very be­ing, once very good, is now ab­hor­rent and evil.Gen­e­sis 6:5 God With­draws from us His good­ness and we have be­come evil liars, mur­der­ers and adul­ter­ers. We do un­speak­able things to each oth­er while boast­ing of our deeds to any who can hear. The most beau­ti­ful, most in­tel­li­gent and most gift­ed among us rot and fes­ter from with­in be­cause of their un­god­li­ness.1 Pe­ter 3:2-5

Yet in spite of our re­bel­lion against Him, we have no pow­er to stop be­ing God’s crea­tures. He Does With us as He Pleas­es. Lov­ing­ly, God Choos­es Against our choice and bathes us in the wa­ter any­way.Matthew 5:45 Be­cause of Je­sus Christ Who Died, God Has Mer­cy upon us and in His Grace, He Gives us His good­ness.Lamen­ta­tions 3:21-24 There­fore, even from the most evil among us, comes the beau­ty of art, the majesties of sci­ence and the peals of a baby’s laugh­ter. There is gari and peanut soup and fried chick­en and pecan pie. We still gath­er in kind­ness to form com­mu­ni­ties and raise fam­i­lies. While He Gives us breath, we do not yet be­come demons eter­nal­ly worse than Hitler. Be­cause we are evil, we pre­sume His Bless­ings to be ev­i­dence of our good­ness and be­hold­ing our “cre­ations”, we pro­claim our­selves to be gods. De­spite this in­so­lence, God Still Re­strains our mad­ness and evil by Draw­ing Near to us, not with a swordNum­bers 22:23,31 but in The Hum­ble In­ter­ced­ing Wor­ship of The God-Man Je­sus Christ.2 Pe­ter 2:16, Num­bers 22:23-27, Deuteron­o­my 18:14 Do you hear His Voice?Num­bers 22:28–31 Turn aside in the field, take off your san­dals and wor­ship Him!

His Mer­cy, though Scan­dalous, Re­mains Just be­cause God Poured out All His Wrath on His Son Je­sus Christ in­stead of us. For our sake, be­cause of His Love for us, God Does to His Holy Sin­less Only Be­got­ten Son what He Did to the dev­il. He Made Him Who Knew no sin To Be­come sin for us. Even more, God En­ables some to be­lieve in Christ and Gives them His Holy Spir­it. By His Holy Spir­it, these be­liev­ers in Je­sus Christ be­come right­eous and good. He Made Him Who Knew no sin to Be­come sin for us that we might be­come the right­eous­ness of God in Je­sus Christ.2 Corinthi­ans 5:21 Through faith in Je­sus Christ, in­stead of be­com­ing demons and fiends, be­liev­ers be­come good, friends of GodJames 2:21-23 and holy judges of an­gels1 Corinthi­ans 6:3. To God Be All Glo­ry and Hon­or and Pow­er for­ev­er and ever. May He Be Praised for He Is Holy In Love, Wrath­ful In Love and Mer­ci­ful in Love.

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